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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Things I forgot about until I played Kingdom Hearts again

Sora is random.
Tidus looks so cute as a kid ^_^
Goofy goes through potions like water.
Dodge Roll is your best friend.
Sora can't jump very high in the beginning.
All the different trinity marks!
The post cards in Traverse Town.
One of my favorite places in Kingdom Hearts is the Lady and the Tramp fountain ^_^
The good mushroom heartless ^_^
The Gummi Launch site was featured in Disney Town in Birth by Sleep
The weird faucet in the bizarre room in Wonderland
The barrel trials at Olympus Colosseum >_<
Cerberus is the first really difficult boss fight -_-
You don't get warp drive until way later in the game :(
From the Gummi Ship Space kind of looks like the inside of Monstro o_0
The fairy godmother from Cinderella is in this game!
The slide of Hollow Bastion.
The first key blade you can get is Jungle King from Deep Jungle
Clayton's creepy expressions.
The pretty underground cave in Traverse Town.
All the Ansem Reports!
The moving rocks in front of Merlin's cottage.
The spooky bell in Traverse Town.
When fighting heartless in high places, it is very easy to fall off the tree, building or random platform.
I am not looking forward to winning the Hades cup again.

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