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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Book Challenge Day 12: A book you used to love but don't anymore

Eragon or the Inheritence Cycle by Christopher Paolini

I used to love reading this series. With Paolini being published at age fourteen, it gave me hope that my stories might amount to something one day. I currently own all of the books in this series, but I was disappointed in the ending, and the note in the last book, and I feel like I can't read them anymore. It may not be fair of me to say that I can't believe an author would fall out of love with their own story. I understand that there is a lot of pressure to release novels, eventhough I have yet to experience that myself, but I am sad whenever I see this series. To hear Paolini's account of the journey he went on while writting these novels, it seems he became sick of his own story, and that, as a fellow writer, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. 
I think of Tolkien, who even when he was pressured and bribed to write more of The Lord of the Rings told the world he wouldn't write anymore. He knew the story was finished. J.K. Rowling said something along those lines about the Harry Potter series as well. 
So even though I enjoyed reading Eragon and followed the protagonist through the entire story, I don't believe I'll be able to read it again. The fact that the author became burdened by this story makes me feel sorry for both the author, and the story itself. 

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