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Monday, July 25, 2011

Stopping to smell the flowers

This is probably the most difficult lesson I need to learn. The truth is, I'm not comfortable when everything goes right. Once there is a problem, I automatically feel relieved and understand that I'm in the real world. There is rarely a time when I do not worry, or constantly think about things I have done or haven't done. Chores, homework, social issues, family problems and self conflicts go through my head all day everyday, so I think it's important for me to learn how to stop and smell the flowers.
I assume that once someone stops worrying or thinking for just a little while, the stress and frustration they constantly go through disappears as their mind becomes a blank slate. Meditation is useful for this purpose, along with vacations, spas and so on. But truth be told, I have never done that. I'm afraid that I have become comfortable with constant chaos or drama. This habit is a horrible one that I wouldn't recommend to anyone. I don't consider this a strength or even a weakness. I've lived with this pattern for as long as I can remember. But this habit is so unhealthy that it can corrupt the person's thinking. So how do you stop this? How do you feel content with just having fun, not worrying about anything, or thinking about whatever problem is on your mind?
There are days when I envy people who seem to just let go and have fun constantly. Then, I wonder how they do it. I'm sure everyone has worries, problems and issues. My questions is, how do you leave them at the door? How do you let loose and have fun, regardless of what is going on around you? How do you wipe the slate clean and stop to smell the flowers?

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