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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Revelations at Cataract Lake

My family and I went to Cataract Lake today and were surprised at the crowd! Normally I feel incredibly uncomfortable around too many people, but the atmosphere was nice. At first, I just listened and allowed myself to enjoy the scenery and soft chatter. As time went on, I finally decided that it is better to be a part of the social world than observe from afar. A charming family that consisted of an uncle, father and five children were fishing and having a great time. My family chose a picnic table in front of the lake, while a lady, dog and toddler sat by the shore. One of the kids got up and walked toward the lady's dog, wanting to pet it. They seemed so nice and even though the lady seemed nervous, she allowed them to pet her dog, but only for a short moment. Our dog Haley was under the table, and i knew she was great with kids so I shouted, "Hey, this dog loves kids too!" Four of the five rushed over to Haley and she enjoyed every minute of it. It was then that the uncle came over to the the table for a chat. We talked about fishing, hiking and my mom told plenty of great, mountain stories. It was a nice experience, and it made me realize something. I shouldn't be scared of socializing at all. I knew the reasons why I freaked out, but it's one of those moments you should experience, and may regret if you don't. It was amazing how kind the people were and how neighborly the situation felt. I haven't had that experience before, except during a family reunion or get together. We all had dogs. Some people liked to fish, and other people had picnics. It was a peaceful and enlightening afternoon. So, I learned many things from a trip to the lake. I learned that people love stories, whether they are telling them or listening with a grin. During that afternoon, I had plenty of time to reflect. I even started writing again!
The sun was shining, water lapped up at the rocks as children giggled and parents cast their lines. People were chatting, which created a soft mumbling sound that was almost overpowered by the rush of the waterfall. Daisies, buttercups, clover flowers, and small white buds dotted the grass while cattails swayed in the breeze. In the distance, hikers wearing all sorts of different colors were dots that moved along the trail. With many different sights and sounds, the outdoors became a tranquil place where just enough time could be spent walking around the trail and relaxing in the grass.
Sometimes a small vacation can help you learn about yourself.

What vacations have you learned from?

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