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Friday, July 29, 2011

Never too late?

"NEVR2L8", the license plate read on the car in front of me. As I stared at it, I couldn't help but wonder why the owner of the car chose that phrase for their license plate. There are a lot of things people say it's never too late for. It's never too late to forgive; it's never too late to change; It's never too late to learn; and it's never too late to try. Maybe the owner of the car believed in these things and wanted to be remembered by them. Maybe the owner discovered it was never too late to live life, or find love, or follow their dreams. Regardless of the reason for their license plate, I imagine that the person driving the car experienced an epiphany of sorts that related to that phrase. It could be anything. It's also possible that phrase was chosen to make other people think. Whatever the reason for that license plate, the phrase rang through my head the whole drive home. Maybe one day, I'll experience that epiphany, or create a phrase that means something, and I'll stick that phrase in a place where I'll be able to read it everyday.

What do you believe it's never too late for?
If you made a license plate like this. What would it say?

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