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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Ever-changing Tide and Calming Ocean

I think that it should be required in therapy to go to the beach on a nice day, and watch the ocean. The waves lap against the shore, leaving serpentine patterns in the sand. It reminds me of a clean slate. Every time a wave rolls in, the sand changes into a different pattern. Shells and sea creatures come and go with the tide, never knowing where they will end up until they reach the shore. It's all a dance of fate, destiny and chance. The tide is not a predicable transport, and the sand is never quite the same. Sometimes it makes me wonder how it is so relaxing to watch a constant change. Most of life is terrifying because it has no set pattern. Events come and go throughout our lives, changing us for better or for worse. Knowledge of the future is impossible with only one guarantee, that it will change. So I wonder if the effect of water constantly changing causes a subconscious decision to notice the beauty in an unpredictable life. From the perspective of someone pulled by the tide, it can be a terrifying experience. But from a distance, the constant change can be a beautiful and calming thing.

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