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Friday, July 29, 2011

Haley, Dingo and the Thunder Monster

The thunder crashed outside as Haley, a fourteen year old black lab, lifted her head. Not too far from Haley, sat Dingo, a three year old bundle of energy.
"What's that?" Dingo asked while he perked up his ears.
"Thunder." Haley replied with a yawn. It was usually best to take a nap during a thunder storm. Dingo had a different plan. After a good scratch, he wandered around the room, sniffing and listening. Haley sighed. Where did he get that energy?
The humans were out for the day, and Haley had hoped to take a snooze before they returned.
"Aren't you coming?" Dingo asked while he stopped at the door.
"No thanks," Haley replied, "I've done that plenty of times."
Dingo titled his head.
"I never found the source of the thunder. Whatever it is, it's not in the house."
“You sure?”
Haley yawned again, while Dingo walked out the door. He searched upstairs, downstairs and even watched the door, but the thunder monster was nowhere to be found. Once the sound stopped, Dingo wagged his tail and went back to Haley.
“I scared it away!” he proclaimed with pride.
“Nice job” Haley said while she rolled over.
Dingo yawned and stretched, all energy spent.
"Now I'm kind of tired" Dingo said, while Haley closed her eyes.
Both dogs curled up for a nap while the rain pattered against the window.
Finally, after all the excitement, a nice moment of peace and quiet.


  1. I love it Sarah. I guess that is what dogs do during a thunder storm.

  2. Thanks Mom :) I hope I got their personalities right.