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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cleaning the Slate

It's not an easy task.
First, you clear the clutter.
Then, you try to understand.
How significant is this anyway?
Does it matter?
Or should it go?
Each memory is put in a place
and given either a second chance
or a banishment.
Some call it a chore:
cleaning the slate.
Others find ways
to learn,
to understand,
and to thrive in the clutter.
It's a strange concept,
for something to be really gone.
Is it truly possible to go
back to the beginning?
Maybe in a book or movie;
a video game with many lives in tact.
But, with just one life,
cleaning the slate
takes on a new meaning.
Emotionally, it is a practice.
Physically, it is a therapy.
Mentally, it is a challenge.
It is no easy task
to clear the mind
and let everything go.
Even if it is only
for a moment.

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