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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Legends and Stories (A reflection on the korean drama Hong Gil Dong)

After watching so many Korean dramas by the Hong sisters, I wanted to give Hong Gil Dong a try. I heard it was very different compared to their other works, and I enjoyed watching the outcast Hong Gil Dong grow from someone who believed he could do nothing to someone who could build the world of his dreams. The most fascinating part of Hong Gil Dong's story is his struggle between doing what he believes is right, and deciding how to become a balanced role model for the people. Of course, many of his choices involve sacrifice and consequences that he becomes overwhelmed by. But he is not the only person trying to change the world. The prince, who believes that he is the legitimate heir also struggles with morality. As a person believed to be dead, he has to make sacrifices of his own, including many attempts to claim the throne through wrong methods chosen by his supporters. I won't tell you how the story ends, but I will say that the characters make the story possible. Watching this show really influenced me to research great stories and decide what type of character a hero should be, what makes a villain and how characters grow and change. Aside from being an epic tale, Hong Gil Dong explores the minds of people who try to make sense of a chaotic world. It is more than giving each character a back story. When all those stories come together, the real epic story begins. I highly recommend watching this drama and learning with the characters as they grow and change.

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