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Saturday, April 6, 2013

What to expect when your house is for sale

Patience- it is a virtue after all
Chaos- from new updates to odd schedules
Cleanliness- a clean house is a marketable house
Dedication- this is a project you can't back down from
Shopping- Mostly for decorations and furniture to make the house look better
Phone Calls- Your house is no longer your home- people will be visiting without you in it
People- they come with the phone calls
Getting kicked out- Hopefully with enough notice beforehand you will be away for at least two hours going who knows where at who knows what time until you believe the people have left
Road trips to anywhere- from the grocery store to the parking lot
Realtors- I hope you don't have that irrational fear like Aunt Josephine
Criticism- Luckily if you have been through workshops or reviews at school you will already know how to take some of it with a grain of salt
Hope- lots of it

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