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Monday, April 22, 2013

Fruits Basket 20 day challenge day 13: Did you like the ending of the manga?

I loved how the manga ended! I will admit that I thought the ending wasn't going to be as joyful, and more of a bittersweet send off, but I was surprised that ever single Sohma found a way to live life, and say goodbye to the curse. I also loved how Fruits Basket began with Tohru telling the story, and it ended with Kyou telling the story. I loved the ending quotes "Pile on the years." And how Ko watches Tohru quietly pick up the bracelet, and save it along with the pictures that increase over time of their life together. Their grandchild was so cute, asking where they were by name, and her mother scolding her to call her grandparents by grandma and grandpa. I love that Kyo and Tohru are "always together," and as they move on, the entire Sohma family will miss Tohru. Kyo tells Tohru, "This is the time. We're all going to new environments so we can live our lives. And suddenly we're all thinking about you. Are you doing well? You're not crying are you? Are you still smiling? Are you truly happy on this day? We're all thinking it. All of us. And we'll keep thinking it. Everybody loves you. Thank you."
Tohru, accepting all the Sohmas and especially Kyo is now one of the most important people in the Sohmas' lives. They will never forget her, and they will miss her, but they will always be grateful that she helped them rise above the darkness, and discover all that life has to offer. 
This scene was the most powerful goodbye I have ever experienced, and the fact that Kyo is explaining the Sohmas' love for Tohru shows that everyone is connected by a better bond than the zodiac curse. They are all connected through their love of Tohru, and they have become like family to her. 
Kyou's thoughts throughout this last chapter show how much he has learned, and how powerful one person's love can be. Tohru herself has finally found a place where she belongs, by Kyou's side and with the Sohma family visiting every now and then.  Both Kyou and Tohru are ready to start a new chapter of their lives, and put the past behind them. 
Another powerful, heartwarming part of the last manga was Kyoko's actual thoughts as she was dying. Kyou thought that she was saying "I'll never forgive you," but she recognized him, and her real thoughts were, "Somehow, take my place and protect Tohru. If you don't pay your tab, I'll never forgive you." 
Once all the past was revealed, including the actual story of the zodiac, and why it was cursed in the first place, there is a satisfying conclusion to Fruits Basket. Instead of having the rug ripped from under your feet, you are waving, smiling and laughing with the Sohmas, wishing them a happy life free from the demands of the curse. It reminds me of your graduation where you know that these people will always be with you in your memories, and some will even stay in touch, but you are all going your separate ways towards your dreams. It's a powerful feeling, and the fact that Fruits Basket could convey that, is proof at how amazing the story is. You've spent so much time with these characters, and you've learned about life through their own struggles and mistakes, but now they are smiling, and you know it's time to move on, but you will never forget them, and how they impacted your life. 

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