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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fruits Basket 20 day challenge day 4: Is Fruits Basket one of your top 5 favorite anime/manga?

Fruits Basket is THE top in my favorite anime/ manga. It surpasses them all, from Tsubasa  Chronicles to Full Metal Alchemist because of its psychological depth and it's three dimensional characters. I'm not saying that Tsubasa Chronicles or Full Metal Alchemist are not deep. They are, extremely. But Fruits Basket was the first manga I experienced in a long time where I could understand and relate to all the characters.  It's a soft spot for me, but it's also more than that. Tsubasa and Full Metal Alchemist were serious and entertaining, but Fruits Basket taught me more about life and people than any other anime or manga that I have read or seen. Each character had a journey, and each journey was tough, but worth it. The characters are human, not super human, and their struggles are real struggles in everyday life. The charm of the story is watching all these characters accept their faults, mistakes and fears. Once they take that step, they work toward becoming who they want to be, a very universal and human goal. That's why this series has such a deep connection with people all over the world. At least one of these characters has gone through a similar problem to every reader, and becomes a role model or hero in the way that they overcome it. That's why Fruits Basket is the top on my list of favorite anime manga.

1. Fruits Basket
2. Avatar the Last Airbender
3. Tsubasa Chronicles
4. Full Metal Alchemist
5. Dengeki Daisy

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