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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fruits Basket 20 day challenge day 11: Favorite OTP

Kyouru (Picture colored by -Sangosworld on deviantart)

This one should be obvious, especially since I love Beauty and the Beast. Kyo and Tohru's relationship is one of the most heartwarming and beautiful love stories I have ever read. Of all the OTPs I love and support, this one is the top on my list, and I doubt any OTP could replace it. Kyo and Tohru accept eachother as they are, and they don't pretend to be something they aren't. Their story goes deeper than boy meets girl, because both grow at a slow and steady pace to learn who they want to be, and they support eachother through the many ups and downs throughout the series. For Kyo, Tohru is the first girl he allows himself to be close to, and he falls in love with her. Tohru has loved the cat from the zodiac story since she was a little girl, and when she finally meets Kyo, she is determined to be someone close to him, and she doesn't look down on him the way everyone in the zodiac does. She falls in love with him without even realizing it, and only when she discovers the cat's cruel fate in the zodiac, does she understand that out of all the zodiac, Kyo is the person she loves the most.   These two are perfect in their imperfection. 

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