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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sense and Sensibility the musical: a review

As a member of the Jane Austen bookclub, I had the pleasure of viewing Sense and Sensibility the musical this evening. It was a delight! Not only was the dictation in good humor, but the songs themselves took the audience back to 18th century England where tea, gossip and status reign. The costumes were wonderful, from the elegant empire waistlines to the red coats of the regiment. My favorite song was "Awkward" because it was fun and very appropriate for the scene in the play where people in connected situations were put under the same roof. It was a fun show, and even though I asked for the soundtrack, they haven't made one yet, but they hope to make one in the future. 
I recommend the musical to any Jane Austen fan, because some of the dialouge was straight from the novel, and the songs fit in well with the way the story was told. The props were neat, from the hill they moved around the stage to the quaint window seat that overlooked the scenery. 
This was an excellent adaption of an Austen tale, with a light disposition and a witty script!

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