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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fruits Basket 20 day challenge day 19: Are you wishing for a second season?

Of course! I signed the petition long ago, but I still haven't heard anything about a second season. Fruits Basket is such an amazing story, and the anime left much in the dust. We never saw every character in the zodiac, and we haven't watched them grow as much as they did in the manga. There is still so much left to tell in Fruits Basket's story, that I hope it does what Full Metal Alchemist accomplished, an anime that is exactly like the manga. Although the first season is amazing, there are so many parts in the manga that I want to see. The second vacation to the summer home has many important events, and I would love to see the Kyo and Tohru hug on the silver screen! The story is incomplete in the anime as it stands, but I'm sure that with enough support and funding, it would be possible to make a second season of Fruits Basket or even create another anime that is devoted to the manga like Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.
I would love a second season of Fruits Basket, but until then, I enjoy reading the manga once I reach a certain point in the anime, and continuing the story as it was originally told. With animes like Clannad, Kodocha and Kobato, I'm sure a Fruits Basket season two would be possible, and as much loved, if not even more so, as the original anime.

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