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Friday, April 19, 2013

Fruits Basket 20 day challenge day 10: Favorite scene in the anime


This scene is still my favorite from the anime. It says many different things. After Tohru sees Kyo's true form, she runs after him and explains that she is truly scared, but she still wants them to be together. She knows that if she doesn't reach out to him, he will never come back. Kyo, shocked and touched by Tohru's response does something he can't really do, but he tries to anyway. He tries to hug her, and when he does he turns back into a cat and asks, "How could you say the words I really wanted to hear?" For Kyo. Tohru is the first person in his life to accept all he is. His mother never wanted to look at him, and always made sure that the beads around his wrist bound him to human form. His father rejected him, and was convinced that Kyo's mother's misery is all Kyo's fault. This entire episode arc was extremely powerful because Kyo's guardian Shishou, the only person Kyo allows himself to trust, takes a risk and reveals Kyo's true form to Tohru, believing that she will be the one to heal him. Hurt, Kyo runs, believing that his life with Tohru is over, and he is haunted by his memories of rejection from his family. This picture shows how much Kyo has changed. He is allowing himself to believe that he can live a worthy life, and that someone actually loves him for who he is. Tohru's expression shows how much she cares for Kyo, and that she fully accepts all he is. Kyo is not a monster to Tohru, and she understands his loneliness and awkwardness. This is my favorite picture because the story it tells is, to me, love's purest form. 

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