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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Writing Prompt 10

Prompt: My heart sings when. . .

My heart sings when I am singing and writing.
When I sing, I feel more alive and less stressed out by anything I have to deal with in life. Writing is similar to this, but it is a quieter practice. When I write, especially when I am writing stories, I am observing life through someone else's eyes. I suppose I do this because I feel like I am not living enough. I move in a slow but steady pace when it comes to life. My lessons are learned the hard way, and my achievements can only be achieved through persistence and hard work. My heart also sings when I'm having fun. This is a rarity, that usually involves close friends and people I trust. At Disney World and Disneyland, I felt more at home in a positive and encouraging environment.Only in a relaxed and comfortable situation can I truly let loose and enjoy the moment. Music can make me feel more calm, serene or even lively depending on the type I listen to. In truth, my heart sings when I feel I'm in a sanctuary. This doesn't happen often, probably from my own insecurities, but when it does, the moment lasts for only a little while. I have yet to find what truly makes my heart sing on my own. But, among family and close friends, I am less motivated to hide in a shell. So my heart sings when I sing, when I write and when I'm around people I can truly trust.

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