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Monday, February 14, 2011

A step in the right direction (Step 1)

To start of my positive thinking week, I will begin with a quote from a movie I enjoy, Penelope.

"It's not the power of the curse. It's the power you give the curse."

It's interesting how true this is. When you build something up in your brain, and refuse to face it, the thing you avoid only becomes more terrifying than it actually is. I guess I could use Splash Mountain as an example. The more I built up that awful drop in my mind, the more I refused to go on the ride and continued to run from it. Splash Mountain is not the only thing I have done this with, but there is a solution. The thing to fear is only as terrifying as you let it be. If you convince yourself the outcome will be horrible, you also create a self fulfilling prophecy. Today, I really thought about what I'm afraid of. If I ask myself whether or not the thing I fear is so scary, the answer is no. My fear is an abnormal one, and it's consequences have left me in quite a rut to get out of. So I believe the first step is to ask yourself whether or not your fear is justified. How much power have you given your curse? This is the first step to facing that fear. How scary is it really when you don't think about it all the time, or let it have power over you. Penelope was able to overcome her curse by not viewing it as a horrible thing, maybe the same approach can be used with fear.

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  1. This is why Stories are written. Many writers use life experiences in their stories. Maybe even sometimes they get their solutions from writing stories. I hope this works for you.