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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Writing Prompt 9

prompt: Find a photo album, pick out photo 14 and write about all the things you felt at that moment.

It was one of those lazy, rainy days. I had just finished my shift at Animal Kingdom and decided to spend the rest of the day in Epcot. I had never seen Epcot in the rain before. It felt like I was walking in another town far from Florida. Passing through Mexico, I finally decided to write. With so much inspiration flooding through the park, Epcot was similar to a walk around the world. People rushed by with umbrellas, ate crepes and watched the rain fall near the gondola. It was a picturesque scene, and I had brought my camera, so I had to take a picture. I saw Italy in the distance, surprised that the park seemed to be less crowded than usual. These were the best days for cast members to take advantage of. When the regular guests were indoors and hiding from rain, or worried about the clouds, a cast member would take that moment to reflect and take advantage of the opportunity. I was having a moment just now, although I wasn't in costume or on the clock. I did my usual round around the park; grabbing an iced peach Oolong tea in Japan, a crepe in France, and a small meal of sesame chicken in China. Then I sat down in Italy and pulled out a notebook and pen. After a long day of work, a nice break from the daily routine was a comfort. I started writing and ended up finishing a prologue about a girl named Claire, forced to work for a duchess in renaissance Italy. As the words flowed on the page, a drop of rain hit the paper. I watched the umbrellas appear on the long stretch between Italy, Morocco and France. 'Time to go inside' I thought to myself. I was sure the hand made crafts and art works in the gift shop would add to the atmosphere of my story.

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  1. This is a cool moment. I could use a moment like this. Maybe I should write about the time I left you at the Disney apartments and found the beach in Cocoa Beach where I went some 25 or so years ago.