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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Writing Prompt 8

Prompt: Choose your favorite book. Then, write a first-person narrative from the viewpoint of a minor character.

She was at it again. You wouldn't expect my older sister to freak out if you had known the way she acted a few weeks ago.
We were on our way home from Dancing Glade and neither Tati nor Jena wanted to go. Tati was wrapped up with her new found love Sorrow, while Jena looked around frantically for Gogu. Gogu is her pet frog, and all of us had decided to accept the way Jena talked with him and acted as though the frog was human.
For example, when Gogu jumped on the table while Cezar went on one of his rants, just after father left, Jena stared at the creature like she had been slapped. The interesting thing about Gogu was how welcome he was at Dancing Glade. All our other world friends called him "young master" and "your lordship". To be honest I thought that was cute.
Unfortunately I have a long way to go. While Tati and Jena absorb themselves in personal problems, the rest of us sisters must keep things normal around Piscal Draculai. Being thirteen can make this a little difficult.
First is Tati, the eldest just turned sixteen. She used to talk and laugh with us, but now she seems off in her own dream world. Then there's Jena. Jena has always been father's favorite and she seems the most responsible of all of us. The way she acts, you wouldn't guess that she is fifteen. She takes care of father's business and now she seems to take care of us more than Tati. It is a shock when Jena freaks out. She never freaks out. After Tati and Jena comes Iulia who just turned thirteen. She's ready to be a teenager. I'm next and considered the scholar of the family. My name is Paula. I go to dancing glade for different reasons than my sisters. While they dance, I enjoy a good debate with astronomers and the fay folk. My youngest sister, Stela makes flower chains with fairies and always follows the basic rules: No drink or food, no straying on the path and always leave when we have to go.
Jena was not obeying this rule at the moment. She asked everyone left and right about Gogu while the rest of us tried to find him by the boats. The rest of us except Tati, too occupied with Sorrow. It was times like these I felt blessed to be sensible.
"Let's go". I told Jena while she argued with Tati about leaving. Finally, we all went to the boats and made our way across the in-between, the portal from their world to ours. I glanced at Jena and wished I hadn't. Never had my sister looked more miserable. By the time I get to the dock, Jena and Tati are arguing again. Now my sisters were scaring me. Tati refused to leave Sorrow while Jena screamed for her to join us at the door. Then, a peculiar things happened. While they argued, Jena stopped and looked in the direction of a small and fast moving object.
"Gogu!" She screamed.
"The portal is closing." I reminded both of them.
As we put our hands on the door, a silent and strange understanding passed between Tati and Jena. All I could do was watch and wonder why both of them acted as though the world would end when they separated from their friends. Jena's case was more strange than Tati's but I couldn't help noticing the same tie between Tati and Sorrow, with Jena and Gogu. By the end of that night, I felt like Jena had abandoned me from the side of reason into the bizarre world of emotion.

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  1. This sounds like an interesting book. If I survive Nightlight, maybe I will read it. I hope this one won't give me weird dreams.