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Monday, January 17, 2011

The big drop

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"Are you ready to face your fear today?" Sidney's voice was so high pitched that I could hear her smiling over my cell phone.
I had just finished my shift at Animal Kingdom and was about to head home when my phone rang.
"My shift ends in a few minutes. You should come over to base and then we can head to the park."
She meant Magic Kingdom where my least favorite ride towered above Frontierland. When I arrive at Sidney's work base, I am greeted by Nick and Andrew. Both of whom I had constant teasing from on keeping my food carts clean.
"You don't like Splash Mountain?" Nick asks with a grin.
I roll my eyes. Now I had to go through with this, or Nick and Sidney would never let me hear the end of it.
In ten to twenty minutes, we are ready to go and pile in Sidney's car for the adventure.
Magic Kingdom looks very busy as people gathered for the fire work show. Sidney, unlike the crowd, takes a direct path towards the cliff of Splash Mountain.
"Can't turn back now" she laughed.
I try to hide my gulp of fear and walk toward the empty ride line. Of course no one is here, the fireworks will be starting soon. I had hoped more people had the same idea, but the line is completely empty.
"Ready?" a cheerful cast member straps us in. Sidney and Andrew take the front of the log while Nick and I take the row behind. I count my blessings. I would not have been able to handle this ride in the very front.
"I apologize for my screams in advance" I tel Nick while he laughes.
"It's not that bad" he responds.
"I'm not joking."
"I have a trick that will distract you." Sidney says from the front.
"What is it?"
Nick shook his head while Andrew and Sidney laugh.
I sigh and try to enjoy the story of Brer Rabbit while I avoid thinking of the big drop that was clearly coming.
At one point, the ride slowes to a curve, revealing a scenic view of the Cinderella castle, all lit up and sparkling with the beginning of the fireworks show.
"That's pretty" I smile. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad.
"It's high don't you think?" Nick asks, clearly waiting for my reaction.
"I'm not afraid of heights" I say defensively, "It's just the drop."
"Well it's awhile before that drop so just enjoy it" Andrew says.
"Ok fine."
I try to pay attention to the effects of the ride, until the ominous hill greets me with two vultures.
"I hate this part too." I tell Nick.
"Because they're telling you it's too late and you can't turn back. As if we don't know that."
"Ah here it is" Sideny smiles "Ready for your distraction?"
Sidney points at the opening of the cave where a silhouette of Mickey makes itself known.
"That's so cool." I say without realizing we just reached the top of the cliff.
The drop hits my stomach like a cold hard rock.
My scream is the only horrified sound compared to all my friends' laughter.
I turn to Nick and say, "Fine you win."
Everyone laughs and Sidney promises me a free ice-cream.
"You don't regret that do you?"
At that moment, my answer was yes. It was embarrassing showing a weakness in front of my friends. As I think on it now, I don't regret that moment.
I had accomplished a great feat and proved that I could face my fear.

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  1. Good one Sarah. You need to put some more Disney adventures. Write one for the Disney insider too.