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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Something Blue 15

It is a blue notebook. In it, I record my secrets, emotions and dreams. All of these are disguised as stories, poems, and quotes. Sometimes the color reflects my mood. Blue for calmness, sadness, serenity. The thoughts flow like a stream of memories and feelings. Mentions of magic and courage fill the pages, and a small circle in the corner of the page marks when I ran out of ink. Small details and generalizations. Lists of favorite movies, books, TV shows and childhood memories. The result of music and quiet also appears in my notebook every so often. Every once in a while a grocery list appears, next to a description of a room or craft. Absolutely no homework assignments are allowed in this notebook, ever. It is strictly based on my life and creativity alone. In this book, I learn more about myself and others around me with every word I write. It is filled to the brim with my own mythologies, magic and music lyrics. It's not a diary. It's not a journal. It is simply a book of recordings in fact and fiction.

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