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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Big Six Challenge

I have seen this challenge on a few other writing blogs, and I have decided to take it head on!

What is it?
The Big Six Challenge is where you enter and apply to all the writing programs of six major TV stations, and await feed back to see how well you can write scripts.

The challenge and stations are mentioned here:

I have started to prepare for the Nickelodeon Writing Program as Challenge number 1.

I will be writing a Legend of Korra script that takes place in season 2.

To keep track of the challenge, I'm adding a new tag "The Big Six" and I'm going to update my facebook writing page as I go along.

The goal of this challenge is to see where you stand in your writing, and of course to have fun doing something you love :)

If you want to do this challenge, I would be happy to hear from you :)

To all that are participating, "I wish you the best"

Have fun ^_^

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