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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kingdom Hearts Day 4: Character you are most like


Aqua is the responsible one. She's always determined to win, no matter what her situation looks like, and she'll do anything for a friend. I related easily to Aqua because we view the world in a similar way. I always want to believe that something better will happen, and I have a strong responsibility to keep people calm and give advice to others. She's also bossy, which I know I am and wise, which I think I am. But there is something else. Aqua has this subtle strength to face up and pull through tough situations. She always wants to do the right thing, and she doesn't give up when all seems lost.

As a side note I am also like Roxas and Sora.

Roxas- dreamer, curious, looking for somewhere to belong
Sora- way with people, competitive, loyal, sometimes in a different world

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