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Sunday, December 30, 2012

People: A poem

I will never understand them.

The ones that lie.
The ones who are shy.
The ones who leave without saying goodbye.
The ones who question.
The ones who tease.
The "weather friends" who decide your worth to them with ease.
The total strangers who teach something of life
People come with a lot of strife.

Heartbreak and hurt.
Truths you can't blurt.
Masks you must wear.
Times they don't care.
Their words like knives.
Only seconds of their lives.

The ones who smile
know about pain.
The ones who laugh
dance in the rain.
The ones that insult
quiver in fear.
The ones that cry
never ask why.
The ones that lie
never say goodbye.
The ones that live in memory
are there like a stain.
Somewhere between happiness and pain.

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