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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kingdom Hearts Challenge Day 6: Favorite Land(s)

You walk in a moonlit garden or a path of clouds in the sky. Everything is music. Every sound you make. Every battle you fight. Every dreameater you see. Even you become music, making sounds like the clash of symbols when you fight. As you go further, you reach a new area. You are in the twilight wood or a windy glen. In the twilight wood, you walk on a path of leaves in order to reach the winter tundra. In the windy forest, you ride wind spirals and change the area from a rain storm to calm spring by playing a small piece of music . Mythical, musical dream eaters surround you. Finally you reach the fields, with Greek pagodas and barrels of grapes. In short, this world was so beautiful.

It's always sunset here. Calming music plays while you walk on a cobblestone  road and investigate the seven mysteries of Twilight Town's Sunset Plaza. You can ride the train there and back, or watch it from the top of Sunset Hill. Or you could sit on the roof of the clock tower and watch the constant sunset, sharing stories and ice cream with friends. There's even a spooky mansion to explore, hidden in a forest outside of a hole in the stone wall near the tram station.

This castle has everything! A great stone bridge with gargoyles guards the front door. The courtyard garden is filled with statues. A secret passage grants a way through the castle and towards the roof.  A hall of knights in armor greet you on your way towards the forbidden west wing. The great ballroom is all dressed up and ready for the main event.

 One more favorite (especially in Birth by Sleep)

One word: Fountains!

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