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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kingdom Hearts Challenge Day 7: Favorite Heartless

I think the standard shadow heartless are really cute :)

Now, there are more types of enemies than heartless. Here are my other favorites.

Roxas :)

Also, Dragoons are really cool

The hareraiser is a cute, nearly harmless unversed.
I also like the Mandrake, even though it is easy to get killed by when it shoots razor leaves at you from the ground as far as it can.

Dream Eaters/Nightmares:

Necho Cat first and foremost. It uses music and it's really cute.

Pegaslick appear in the Fanatsia world Symphony of Sorcery. I think they're really pretty.

Electricorns are also in the Music world, and they create lightning storms.

Tatsu steeds are really elegant.

Keeba Tigers remind me of the Ceurls in Final Fantasy X

 Lord Kyroo is such a noble frog prince :)

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