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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Writing your own fairytale

Anxiety is a trap. It keeps you in a prison that you have created yourself. Harsh words, bad memories, worries and insults surround you as you look out the window, wondering what life really is to the people passing you by. There's only one way to find out, and it's not like you don't know this, but you're scared. You're scared that someone will break you, once you've already been broken, you're afraid to trust others and you don't think optimistically in order to avoid being let down. Welcome to Go Dok Mi's world. To me, it sounds really familiar and terrifyingly miserable. Enrique saves Go Dok Mi by helping her save herself. He helps her see that you can trust people, and that they won't abandon you or let you down every time you need help. Go Dok Mi is annoyed at first. Her daily routine is no longer the same familiar pattern, and someone is constantly knocking on her door, telling her how great the world is. She hates it. Over and over she tells him to stop, and she does all she can to push him away. She tries to stick to her routine, but she can't avoid being with people forever. She begins to get used to this interruption, and starts to expect it. Enrique gives her a list of things that she should do everyday, and he creates a board game that will determine which risk she has to take daily in order to enjoy living. Go Dok Mi accepts the gift but doesn't use it right away. After a while, she gets curious and rolls the dice. This is her first step to healing. Once Go Dok Mi starts to hang out with people and learn about Enrique, she gets scared and runs away. But by that point, she has become so used to doing things, that she can't just stay in her room all the time anymore. It takes time, but Go Dok Mi finally becomes part of the world around her. She hangs out with friends and starts to learn about her own goals and dreams by helping others. She wants to write, and loves fairy tales, so she decides that she will write a fairy tale of her own. Enrique learns this, and tells her "Live, and write your own fairy tale."
This Korean Drama is one of the most inspiring and heartfelt stories that I have seen. Each small step is painstakingly slow, but necessary. I learned something by watching this series. Small steps are not nothing. When facing anxiety and fear, the small steps are extremely important, and they need to be appreciated instead of ignored. Regret is one of the motivators to change your life. You don't want to wonder  "what if" for your entire life, and if you take a step, instead of freeze, you probably won't regret it.
You can also think, "Why didn't I learn this sooner?" "Why couldn't I know then what I know now?"
Because life is a process, and lessons are learned through mistakes. Mistakes aren't always bad, and some mistakes can turn into blessings. Like Enrique tells Go Dok Mi, "you can start a journey with anger in your heart, but that anger can change to happiness." Go Dok Mi learned to live and now she's writing her own fairytale. My goal this year is to do the same. It's time to live, and write my own fairy tale.

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