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Monday, February 18, 2013

LBD challenge day 2: Favorite female character

Lizzie Bennet.
Elizabeth has always been my favorite character in Pride and Prejudice because she is clever and caring. Her character is upgraded for the 21st century with Lizzie Bennet, a clever, creative and opinionated young woman. Her concern for her sisters and her friends is obvious when she performs her costume theater, but she also has a bias in the way she views people, and as the show goes on, she learns this.
Part of Lizzie's charm is that she has flaws. She judges people, and has an opinion for everything that she values and cherishes in life. She bosses Lydia around because she is concerned for her. She advises Jane on what to do because she cares for her. She gets angry at Charlotte because she misses her. And of course, she judges Darcy, because she doesn't know who he really is, and goes by what she has heard of him.
I think Lizzie is my favorite female character because I can easily relate to her. The way people view her and the way she views people.

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