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Saturday, February 2, 2013

FF 30 day challenge day 18: Least Favorite Job

Being a Lcie

Seriously you only had two choices. Follow your focus and become crystal or rebel your focus and become a ceith. The Falcie controlled what you did, but they wouldn't help you. You had to do their bidding, but on your own. The only positive thing about having a job as a Lcie was gaining the ability to do magic. Other than that, you had no control in your life and people wanted you dead. Not a fun occupation, particularity if you were branded from a Pulse Falcie and had to fight Cocoon Falcie in order to survive. Even the Falcie's gift of an Eidolon came with a price. They challenged you once you sunk into despair, and you'd either die, or gain the ability to summon them.

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