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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FF 30 day challenge day 27: Favorite scene in any game

This is a tough one. But the scene that immediately comes to mind is the laughing scene in Luca from FFX. When you first see this scene, you laugh, because at the time, you think it's ridiculous and funny. There's more to this scene than that. It's a moment of comfort for both Tidus and Yuna. Tidus has just found out that his father is alive, and Spira's greatest threat. He's also found Auron again, reverting back into the kid he once was around him. Yuna has discovered that Tidus might leave, so she is worried that she will literally never see him again. In her own way, she tries to cheer Tidus up, because even though they will continue their journey together, something seems off about Tidus. He's not cheerful or carefree. So she shares something really important with him, a coping mechanism. She has a way to deal with sadness, and she knows that life is more precious than people understand. Her life is slowly coming to an end in her mind, and she is ready to say hello and goodbye to each place they go to. But at that moment, when she's worried that she'll never see Tidus again, she finds out that he's not leaving her and, just for a little while, she is genuinely happy. But her concern for Tidus is obvious when she tries to make him laugh.
No one else really understands what's going on in this scene, except maybe Auron, who knows why Tidus is upset, but even so, this is a moment that Tidus and Yuna get a little closer to each other. Tidus shows a different side, expressing how he really feels about being in a strange new world. Yuna shows a different side too. She lives in the moment, for the first time since Tidus has met her. It's a strange role reversal because Tidus is always happy, and if you notice, Yuna is always sad. In this scene, Tidus is the sad one, and Yuna cheers him up the way he cheers her up.
I think that's what makes this scene memorable and iconic for Final Fantasy X.

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