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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rapunzel versus the Witch : Flower Boy Next Door

I think this voice rings true for people like Go Dok Mi and myself. It's interesting that Go Dok Mi admits that she shut herself away, which makes her more of the evil witch in Rapunzel than the character of Rapunzel herself. But this is something we all do sometimes. We become our own enemy, with brutal internal criticism and excuse after excuse to keep us from achieving what we really want. I think this is the beginning of regret. Once you trap yourself in a situation, you only have yourself to blame, but at the same time you are still a victim, and still feel powerless and helpless to venture into the unknown. Go Dok Mi is wise in both admitting and accepting this about her situation. After all, they say that acceptance is a step forward from the trap of bad habits. Once you admit you are doing something wrong, you are motivated to change your habit and move forward to create a better way of life. 

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