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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

OUAT challenge

Going to start this challenge
30 days of OUAT Challenge (I’ve mixed 2 challenges and added some questions myself) :
Day 1 : Favourite female fairytale character
Day 2  : Favourite male fairytale character
Day 3 : What character would you like to see more in the show?
Day 4 : Favorite set/landscape
Day 5 : Moment that made you smile/laugh
Day 6 : Moment that made you sad/cry
Day 7 : Most shocking moment
Day 8 : Your favourite episode
Day 9 : Something cute
Day 10: Something beautiful
Day 11 : Favourite Emma and Mary Margaret moment
Day 12 : Favorite Snow/Charming moment
Day 13 : favorite Evil Queen/Rumple moment
Day 14 : Picture or gif that expresses your reaction to the show.
Day 15 : Link to a fanvid you like
Day 16 : Favorite quote from a “good” character
Day 17 : Favorite quote from a villain
Day 18 : Who is your least favorite villain and why?
day 19 : What is your favorite ship
day 20 : What character do you think you’re like the most
day 21 : What is your favorite storybrooke storyline
Day 22 - If you could meet an actor from the show, who would it be?
Day 23 : Make a graphic advertising OUAT
Day 24 - Who would be your three best friends in Storybrooke?
Day 25 - Who is your least favorite fairytale character and why?
Day 26 : If you could tell something to one character, what would it be and to whom?
Day 27 : What “new” fairytale character would you like to see next season
Day 28 : What affect OUAT had on you when you started watching it
Day 29 : If you could bring back a character who died, who would it be?
Day 30 : If you could change something in the show, what would it be?

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