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Monday, October 22, 2012

OUAT Challenge Day 20: What character do you think you're like the most?


We have a similar reaction to developing trust and confidence. Emma is the hero of the story, but she doesn't believe she is. She also pushes people away if she thinks they are too close. But it's more than just the act of invincibility Emma puts on, it's also the emotions that she pushes away. She does care a lot for the people around her, but her way of showing it is different from the average display of affection. She also has a strong opinion about staying true to who you are. Her advice to Ashley/ Cinderella was heartfelt and real, because it wasn't just something she said, it was something she experienced. Emma has gone through her life in a cynical and solitary manner, but she also stays true to herself in terms of personality. She knows who she is, and doesn't hide that at all, but she does hide feelings and insecurities to stay strong in tough times.


I think I have a little of Belle's personality as well. Not just my love of books, but my curiosity and determination remind me of Belle. Also, the way Belle views people is similar to mine, the inside of a person is not always easy to see, but it is more important than outside appearance. Truly loving someone is accepting both the bad and the good. Flaws are just as important as positive characteristics. She's also a dreamer, which I'm known for.

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