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Friday, October 26, 2012

OUAT Challenge Day 24: Who would be your three best friends in Storybrooke?

Belle, August/Pinocchio  and Henry.

All of them love stories in their own way. Belle likes books, so we could talk for hours about what we've read and swap books over iced tea. I love to write, and I would probably talk with August about how to overcome writer's block, draw inspiration from the world and listen to his stories of all the places he has seen. Henry believes in the power of stories and he likes fairy tales. We could talk about different versions of the fairy tales and what they mean.

I would probably hang around Mary Margret/Snow White and Emma also. They seem very cool in their different personalities. Mary Margret is nice and would probably have a lot of fun stories about classes she's taught, and her life as Snow White. Emma and I have a lot in common so I think we'd get along well and talk about believing in yourself and staying strong.

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