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Tuesday, October 2, 2012



Balance is a struggle
between chaos and calm.
Life is not a scale
without fault or qualm.
It's more than meditation
justice . . . or even fear. 
It is in bits of laughter
and the drop of a tear. 
Emotions and Logic
Whispers and Shouts
Listening within . . .
Responding without
Arguments and Agreements
Expectations and Results
Moment after Moment
put in your mind's vault.
It cannot be measured
or bottled in your heart.
The end of a journey
is as precious as the start.

Sanctuary and Battleground
Peace and War
Sometimes finding balance
is a difficult chore. 
Will we ever understand
our value or worth?
Is it found in a moment?
A death and rebirth?
Does it come naturally
like a lesson or chance?
Is it found through luck?
A song or a dance?
Perhaps it's the journey,
the obstacles and climb
that teach us to balance
all things in their time.

 Photos taken by me at the Botanic Gardens

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