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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

OUAT Challenge Day 8: Your Favorite Episode

I have three favorite episodes

That Still Small Voice

I loved everything about this episode. From the story between Henry and Archie to the back story of Jiminy Cricket, this episode impressed me because the entire plot was connected so well and the way Archie grows stronger keeps a balance between his actions as Jiminy in Fairy Tale Land and Archie in Story Brooke.

True North

This episode was just amazing because the topic related directly to Emma in this part of the story. Emma grew as she tried to help the kids and her conversation with their father was a step forward from being reserved, to actually admitting her emotions about Henry and being a parent.

Skin Deep

Mostly because this is our introduction to Belle, and I loved the spin they took on the fairy tale. Belle is a strong character and the progression of Belle and Rumple's relationship was a nice story line. Gaston being turned into a rose was priceless. My only problem with this episode is the abusive scene between Mr. Gold and Moe French. In no way was that action justified, and I didn't see the point in that scene at all. Mainly I love this episode because I love Beauty and the Beast.

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