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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 21: What is your favorite Story Brooke storyline?

I have several.
I like when Hansel and Gretel find their father in "True North".  They achieved a happy ending, even during the curse, because they were always searching for each other.
I like Emma's story in "Desperate Souls." Her struggle to be there for Henry and become a part of his life is a really powerful story to show how much Emma has grown.
Leroy's success at selling candles in "Dreamy" shows his determination to achieve something and make a positive difference in Story Brooke.

The most recent storyline with Belle in "The Crocodile" is a new favorite. The way Belle finally ventures out into the world and tries to find a place of her own. "A life, a job." She stands up for herself and finds something she loves to do. It's also important that Rumple/ Mr. Gold finally tells Belle the truth and they both agree to discover who they are for awhile, but still find ways to spend some time together.

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