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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Chipped Cup and how to make it

Rumplestiltskin's precious keepsake is a beautiful teacup that Belle accidentally chipped during one of his quips.

Here's how to make your own:

Buy a Royal Albert Bone China England Val D'or teacup in white and gold.
Buy Navy Blue acrylic paint at a local craft store. (I watered the paint down a bit to make the blue a little lighter)
Buy some paintbrushes. (I used a small round brush for the dots and branches, while I used a small flat brush for the main branch and the base)
The branch pattern is on both sides of the cup as shown here:

and here:

The tricky part is chipping the cup, which my dad did with a dremel tool after I drew the chip on the cup. He also sanded the edges.
After painting the pattern, let it dry over night, then use mod podge for the finishing coat.
It's really fun to make and looks lovely when you're finished ^_^
The perfect decor for any RumBelle fan.


  1. I like how you set up the photo. Love it!!!!

  2. This is amazing! I've got to make this for my sister for Christmas this year :)

  3. Thank you. It's a lot of fun to make and looks great when you're finished ^_^

  4. Hello I was wondering what attachment was on the dremel tool when you used it because I am trying to make the same cup and I noticed there are different types of saw attachments when using a dremel tool....