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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


           Life can come in waves sometimes. The waves can overwhelm you, and bite at your heels. The tide can run through you and nearly knock you over. The noise can be loud, almost deafening to your ears. It may seem like a wave of water, or a wave of clouds. Expected or unexpected, the waves will come, and test your balance, your strength and your endurance. Controlling the waves is out of the question, but sometimes you can control where you stand. Are you challenging the wave itself? Standing as far in the water as you can, daring the wave to rush toward you? Are you even further in the water, balance lost and struggling to find solid ground? Are you more in the middle, where the water goes to your knees, enough to effect your balance but not knock you over? Do you stand on the edge, in the sand, where the water reaches your ankles? Unable to feel the full effect of everything around you but still braving the water in your own way? Or do you stand away from the water, merely observing, but not participating, not daring or challenging such an overwhelming event? Regardless of where you stand, the waves are there, but it is you who has the ability to choose which wave will effect you, which wave you will challenge and which wave you will observe.

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