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Saturday, March 24, 2012


How much should you care
for others and yourself?
In hope and despair
when you need a little help?
Is it like a reflection?
The same image on either side
Is it more like a scale
with no extra weight to hide?
If you have a hurt buried
can you make it disappear?
To save yourself from worry
doubt and fear?
How much should you listen
to what people say?
Insults and accusations
in seriousness and play.
This complex question
is not a simple thought.
It comes with perspective
and what has been taught
to survive such matters
from person to person.
Some you can trust
and others you can't be certain:
Who will protect 
and who will harm,
Who's hiding their pain
with bright smiles and charm.
Who is true
and who is a lie?
Who will hurt you
no matter what you try?
These answers are not easy
and all must be learned
through experience of pain
and trust to be earned.
But the balance between
who is selfish or not
comes from judgement within
and knowledge that's sought. 

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