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Friday, December 27, 2013

Stumbling is part of the dance

So I went to a swing dance lesson tonight, and I learned more than swing dancing steps. 
As I watched the dancers, and did my own dancing, I learned that stumbling can be beautiful. You laugh and then you keep going, each step with more confidence. 
So, naturally I was nervous, telling every guy that asked me to dance that I was really new, and I would probably make a lot of mistakes. 
One of those guys said something that stood out to me. He said, "If you're having fun, do your mistakes really matter?" 
I think I paused, probably making yet another mistake, but this time I thought about it. I thought about all the mistakes I learned from. All the times I told myself that I had failed. All the crazy thoughts that echo in my head throughout the day, and I realized that even when I made a mistake, it didn't hold me back. One mistake could be my downfall or it could be one step closer to my goal. It could even be a stumble, but if I smile and laugh, will I regret that fall? 

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