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Monday, December 9, 2013

Sounds of Hope and Light: A Hopurai fanmix on 8tracks

I made this fanmix after learning what happens in Lightning Returns. 
Some of the songs could be spoilerish for those who haven't seen/ played Lightning Returns. 
I'm also open to suggestions. 
If you have recommendations for Hoperai songs, please share them :)

Listen to the fanmix here: 

Music tracks : in chronological order

"Save the Hero" by Beyonce
- This song is Lightning's theme song. She's so focused on saving the world, and even though she would never admit it, she probably wondered who would save her. 

"The Gapra Whitewood" from the FFXIII soundtrack
- This music represents the moment that Lightning first started to believe in Hope, and she listens to his troubles. I chose the piano track for a softer tone.

"Wait for you" by Artist VS Poet
- This song is Hope's frustration on trying to get closer to Lightning. Throughout the first game he deals with her coldness by asking questions, and his admiration of Lightning is obvious. 

"State of Grace" by Taylor Swift
- This song seems to be Lightning's thoughts after meeting Hope, and the adventure they go on. She never saw him coming.

"My Hands" by Leona Lewis
- This song is pretty straight foward. It plays at the end of FFXIII when Hope and Lightning are standing next to eachother, smiling at their success to save Coccoon.

"The Garden of Everything" by Maaya Sakamoto
- This song is Hope's theme song in FFXIII 2. He's always searching for Lightning, and truly believes that he will find her. 

"Save Me" by Nicki Minaj
- This song is Lightning's theme throughout FFXIII 2. She's constantly battling Caius and she seeks out help. 

"Anywhere but Here" by Safteysuit
- Hope would rather be anywhere but where he is. He wants to find Lightning, and bring the team together again. He tells Serah in the second game that he's lonely. He misses Light. 

"Madness" by Muse
- When Hope becomes a pawn of Bhunivelse, he goes through torture after torture, and the only thing that kept him alive was thinking of Lightning.

"Not Alone" by Red
- Lightning is back, and Hope wants to be there for her, just glad to be with her again. No matter what, he will help her.

"Only One" by Alex Band
- Hope has realized that he only has so much time to live. He must make his time with Lightning something special. Regardless of the roles they have to play, Lightning and Hope can accomplish anything. 

"Lifeline" by Imogen Heap
- Lightning is grateful to have Hope as her partner again. With him there, she can feel a little more human. Hope is her lifeline.

"Up in the Stars" by Swimming With Dolphins
- Hope will be wherever Light is, even after the final battle. 

"Closing In" by Imogen Heap
- This song fits the epilogue, when Lightning steps off the train, she's on her way to Hope. Where they can live a happy life together, free from the Gods. 

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