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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Holiday Reflections

Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays, and when I look back on my life, it's the holiday that I remember most out of my past years. 
My family had a tradition to go on a sixteen to seventeen hour road trip to go see our family in Louisiana. Sometimes the road trip was nice, and other times we drove each other crazy, but I loved being on the road, listening to everyone's favorite music, sharing jokes, and telling stories. I also loved the anticipation to get to my aunt's house and enjoy the weekend with shopping, the traditional movie and the big Christmas dinner. 
Over the years, these traditions changed. 
At the Disney World college program, my room mates and I pitched in together for a big christmas tree, and bought each other presents and ornaments. We all had to work on Christmas Day, but after work we met up and watched the Disney Holiday fireworks. I'll never forget that day. 
At UNC, we divied up the Christmas shopping, and sat around the Christmas tree opening presents from each other while baking cookies and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. 
I remember Christmas at my Uncle Huey's house, surrounded by Barbies and Comics, deep into a philosophical discusion about the makings of religion. I remember the fancy dinners we had in the secret  dinning room through the library at my Grandfather's house, just talking about how nice it was to see everyone, and trying new fancy foods.
The Christmas snow at my Grandmother's house with my cousins building snowmen on top of their cars is a funny memory where the winner had to grab the biggest shovel to knock it down before they could drive back home. 
I remember attending the Christmas mass with my aunt and cousins, standing in a church I hadn't visted since we moved to Colorado. 
Over the years, some traditions have changed. We haven't done the big family road trip in a while, but we still buy a new ornament every year, and put Dad's origami ornaments on the tree. We still buy christmas gifts from the King Soopers tree and have fun shopping for nice toys and clothes to give to the families that can't afford a fancy christmas. 

Some my favorite traditions that have carried on over the years are:

Receiving gifts from my favorite fictional characters. (Gandalf gave me the Evenstar necklace when I was in High School) 
Buying a new christmas ornament every year
Sleeping in on Christmas Morning
Giving the dogs their christmas gift. (Haley would always just stick her nose in the bag and try to get the treats at the bottom. Dingo just rips the tissue paper and goes for the gold)
Having Christmas breakfast, and watching Christmas films with the family. 

What are your holiday traditions? Do you have some favorite holiday memories over the years?

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