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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Good Vibes

The door is open beneath an arch of iron. My friend and I walk in, and the first thing I notice is gold. Small gold framed pictures, fancy statues and fancy plates adorn the walls. The place has a fancy but cozy atmosphere.The bar is on the left, and a gentleman in a sharp black suit welcomes us while filling a beer glass. We walk around the corner and see the grand piano, covered in books of sheet music and the woman singing and creating music with her finger tips. We pick a table, and I look around, noticing that my friend and I are the youngest. I stare at the crystal chandelier above our table and watch the piano player sing with gusto. 
As I listen, I can't help imagining my grandma Laura's house, the one with a secret library that we dined in one Christimas. Everything around me felt like something she would like. The tall Christmas tree with blue and purple ribbons. The large tiled mosiac above the grand piano, even the chandelier. At first glance it is a little intimidating, but once I ordered a glass of wine, I settled in. 
My friend and I started the night with two duets, which welcomed a warm applause. New people walked in. A few characters who sang with confidence stayed near the piano and sung a few songs. A group of people around our age grabbed a table by the stairway and sung a few funny songs. One man showed up with saxophone and played a duet with the pianist. And my friend sung "At last" with the saxophone accompaning, which blended into an amazing performance. 
It was one of the moments that you know you won't forget. The music, people and the laid back but ritzy feel of it all. A step back in time, before smart phones, even television. 
It finally felt a little closer to Christmas.  

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