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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Saving Mr Banks: A movie review

Before I start this review, and I'm keeping it spoiler free for a reason, I want to explain the perspective that I viewed it in. 
I'm a writer aspiring to be an author. If there is one thing I know about movies and books, once an author sells their story, they can ultimately sell their soul. This was Missis Travers' worry throughout the movie, and I can relate to that feeling. 
Writers create stories, because something in their life drives them to do so. It could be anything, from a memory to a dream.  Sometimes these stories become emotional treasures and authors hold them very dear. Missis Travers was no different when it came to her story Mary Poppins. She had an emotional tie to this story, and she made many choices based on this emotional tie. Walt Disney also had an emotional tie to this story, but it was a different one. The process of making the film was much more than writing a script or rehearsing songs. It was a journey into the hearts of the creators, and the moments that they held dear. Watching Walt Disney and P. L. Travers butt heads over this creation was very entertaining. But at the same time it was charming, and to be completely Disney, magical. This film was a beautiful story behind two stories: the original novel of Mary Poppins and the Disney film. The inspiration behind these two tales is complicated, but in the end, it inspired two creators to view life differently. 
I recommend this film, not only to Disney fans, but to everyone. Anyone inspired by a dream. Anyone with a childhood and anyone who knows that life is more complex than a spoonful of sugar. 
I even recommend this movie to people who hate Disney. Believe me, P. L. Travers was not a Disney fan. This movie is less about Disney and more about the amazing journey to create a story. 
Above all, my favorite quote from the film sums this up nicely: “That’s what story tellers do.  We restore order to imagination.  We bring hope.” -Walt Disney

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