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Monday, December 30, 2013

For the new year . . .

Courage- to follow my dreams
                to believe in myself
                to try new things
                to listen to my heart

Forgiveness- to accept my mistakes
                     to accept my faults
                     to put the past behind me

Success- to find a door to my dream
                to set realistic goals 
                to understand the steps I have to take
                to create my own path

Confidence- to know what I can do
                    to understand my talents
                    to take pride in my accomplishments
                    to be who I want to be

Patience- to understand that things change
                to recognize an opportunity 
                to accept the ways of the world
                to be sastisfied with the present moment

Love- to trust my heart
          to understand what I want
          to recognise my weaknesses
          to praise my strengths

My goals are simple:
             Never give up on my dream
             Live in the present
             Focus on things one step at a time
             Be more confident
             Listen to my heart
             Learn to let go
             Be grateful for what I have
             Enjoy things while I can
             Stay true to who I am
             Keep moving forward

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