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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

You know you're a Lizzie Bennet Diaries fan when . . .

"A single man in possession of a large fortune must be in want of a wife" is a universal fact, not opinion.
You've heard "My name is Lizzie Bennet and . . . " at least 97 times now.
You know about "the most awkward dance ever."
You appreciate the wonders of costume theater.
Things in your life are not just interesting, they are "illuminating"
You've heard two different stories about Batman and Darvid.
You cheered when a website was taken down.
You support team Figi.
You have a love hate relationship with snickerdoodles.
Maria Lu is part of your fandom.
You understand the importance of a beret and bowtie.
Big sun hats and fancy scarfs make you think of southern accents and obsessive schemes to marry off daughters.
You know that a company called Collins and Collins exists.
You watched a demonstration on light bulbs and light switches.
You've seen the green bean gelatin.
You know how dangerous cutting coupons is.
You love Mondays and Thursdays.
You've heard about the list of reasons that Lizzie is perpetually single.
You've seen Netherfield.
You want to work for Pemberley Digital.
You know about Domino.
You suddenly want to visit San Francisco.
You know/ love the brand Anthropologie.
You love Jing.
You know that "everyone deserves tea", "nothing gets done without achohol" and "cake solves everything."
You love the word verisimilitude.
You know who showed up at Lizzie's house in the rain last night.
You know that Darcy can be Fitz, and Fitz can be Darcy.
Anniekins creeps you out.
You know that in San Francisco "The hills can be quite unforgiving."
You've seen that Mcdonalds commercial.
You know that Mr. Collins was once a zombie lover on CASTLE.
You use the word grug to describe a grope hug.
You follow a cat on twitter.
You were at John Green's night of awesome.
You know about Daniel Vincent Gordh's competition with Taco Bell.
You've seen Bearcy.
Plaid button up shirts have a whole new meaning to you.
You follow fictional characters on twitter, pinterest, tumblr and youtube.
 LBD does NOT stand for little black dress.

 I made this list for Once a while back, and I decided that The Lizzie Bennet Diaries had to have one. Feel free to comment and add to the list :)

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