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Sunday, March 10, 2013

LBD 30 day challenge day 22: Favorite episode

Episode 78: The Lizzie Trap

This is probably my favorite episode because so much is going on here, and it's balanced nicely. Lizzie is ready to make new friends and live in the moment. Gigi gives her an unexpected one by literally shoving Darcy toward her. First we see that Lizzie has changed her opinion of Darcy, and then we see Darcy being a gentleman. Both of them show a softer side that we've never seen before, and Lizzie especially shows that she doesn't want to offend him. The interesting thing about this episode is that both Darcy and Lizzie are testing out the atmosphere. Last time they saw each other, they weren't on good terms, and much has changed since then. I really loved Gigi in this episode, putting on an act and plotting with Fitz to bring Darcy and Lizzie back together. It shows how much Lizzie and Darcy have changed, and how similar they are.

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