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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

LBD 30 day challenge day 18: Favorite ship

This one is a tie. Of course I love Darcy and Lizzie because they're perfect for each other, but I also like Bing and Jane.  Darcy and Lizzie are both similar in matters of pride and prejudice (not just a shout out to the novel.) Darcy's prejudice comes with his view of people, especially Lizzie's family. His pride comes from the social status that he believes in, and what he expects of himself. Lizzie is quick to judge and does so often without reflecting on her judgements. This is her prejudice. She judges people based on what she hears and witnesses. Her pride is her personality. She has a habit of wanting to stand out, and her opinions will be heard, regardless of their exaggeration or bias.
Jane and Bing are different. They have similar dispositions, and both of them are kind, caring and trusting of their family and close friends. There's something charming about two similar personalities, but they are not identical. Bing values his friend's opinion over his own feelings. Jane doesn't show her feelings right away, but she trusts them completely. Although status is an important part of the novel, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries makes the issue different. Jane becomes busy to get her mind off off Bing and she doesn't sit around waiting for him to return, she changes. So even though Jane and Bing are both kind and caring, they respond to situations very differently.
That's why my favorite ship is tied. Darcy and Lizzie are a conflicting couple. Jane and Bing are a sweet couple. Both of these relationships reflect the personalities of the characters very nicely, and help them grow and learn.

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